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Who We Are?

Some Things You Should Know About Us

We are cybersecurity expert and we designed Serena.

Teodor Chabin and Helene Bernardini, both founder of Trovolone, had the idea by seeing the lack of cybersecurity for SMEs.

From this observation and several surveys showing that at least 70 % of companies already suffered a cyber-attack, they both knew they could secure and simplify IT for SMEs.

They made this belief the official mission of Trovolone : Protect small teams and simplify their relation with IT.

Fun Facts

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Why Choose Us?

We strive for company excellence

Simplicity, agility, flexibility and safety, are what we constantly looking for to achieve company excellence. Our iterative, creative and productive approach brings products with high added value perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers.

Boldness and innovation are our way of life

We want to impel a profound change in the way we provide and use IT and security tools. We are determined to enlist usability and security so that our clients will each day meet their own challenge.

Global is our mindset

We are citizens of the world. Taking the best of each culture to reveal it all of the globe. Diversity is our best hope to reconcile the human and the cyberspace.

We build a sustainable future

We believe that the longevity of the world and the company are linked. For this we work on the profitability of shareholders, respect for the quality of life, the environment and society.

"If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it".

(Elon Musk)

Our Product

Trovolone provides to a single pane of glass manage suit of products that would otherwise require multiples interfaces and capabilities.

Serena is easy to deploy, manage, and update.


Coming Soon

The next big event for Trovolone will be Mach37 Demo Day

Meet the Team

We Are Here For You

Teodor Chabin

CEO / Co-founder

Telecom Engineer, Networks, Signal Processing Radar, and Cyber Security expert, he is the face of Trovolone with institutional players.
Teodor is behind a large number of partnerships. Visionary, he projects the company into a future with international ambitions. Like a chameleon, he switches from technology to finance without ever losing himself on the tumultuous path of growth of a start-up.
Little secret: Tweet faster than his shadow.

Hélène Bernardini

COO / Co-Founder

Specialist in Marketing and Communication, Hélène is a true conductor for the company.
In constant search for performance, continuous improvement is at the heart of its concerns. She leads the Trovolone teams between rigor and listening, creativity and process.
Little secret: The whole team nervously feared his sentence "Hey I had an idea for .... ! ". It is often synonymous with months of work.

Guillaume Coudreuse

Communication Officer

True communication Swiss-knife, Guillaume switches from rigorous numerical results to visual creation in no time at all.
From comics to SEO keywords, he operates like a surgeon that every detail gives body to all of communication. Guillaume is constantly on the lookout for web-marketing and is passionate about digital technology, and is uncovering the opportunities of the web to increase the reputation of the company.
Little secret: An energy derived not from caffeine, but from hot chocolate.

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We Make Our Customers Happy

Serena is unique in its "all in one" innovative approach. It has already convinced small businesses that tested. The team is extremely responsive.

Private incubators creator

I support Trovolone team and strongly believe that their solutions will contribute to make our connected world safer, and connected objects much secured and easier to inter-connect.

Manager of STMicroelectronics, Le Mans

It's rare to see a cyber-security company that's putting so much emphasis on the UX of their product. We believe they have the required qualities to be a great success.

Laure G. Chatenet
UX researcher / designer

Teodor is a real entrepreneur with strong ambitions for growth. I warmly recommend Teodor as a trustable person to business partners and customers.

Jean-Pierre Leblanc
Consultant Bid & Project management

Both Teodor and Helen, along with their collaborators, have very good knowledge in the safety of information and in communication management.

Yann Pichot
Business unit Director, Tronico

I support Trovolone, a startup full of talent, since the begining. I'm an early adopteur of their solution, it changed my relation with IT. Now everything is simple

Carole Schumann
Founder of Contre Courant Création

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(571) 250-5975


2214 Rock Hill Road, Suite 270, Herndon, VA 20170-4228